A day before the US presidential election I posted an article sharing my thoughts on the role Christians should play in politics. At a minimum, I believe that Christians have a responsibility to pray for our government leaders (see 1 Timothy 2:1-4) and vote according to biblical values.

I personally am not usually one to delve into political issues, nor do I follow politics very closely. However, I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed with the results of Tuesday’s election.

I agree with Pastor Bill Johnson, who posted this to his facebook page a day after the election:

 “Yesterday the US voters said yes to the immoral slaughter of the unborn, and the immoral redefinition of the family. They revealed an addiction to big government fixing their problems, and a jealousy over those who succeed. They chose a position of dishonor towards Israel. These choices carry consequences. I pray for mercy.

Can God heal our nation? Yes. Does He need godliness in the White House to accomplish it? No. Is it time for us to pray? More than ever.”

Whether or not you agree with his sentiment, I would like to offer a couple of thoughts for Christians to consider:

1.) We must not put our hope in the government

For too long Christians have put excessive hope in the government to be the answer to our nation’s problems, and a key to revival in our land. It seems that many believe that if we get the right person in the White House our problems will be solved, and if the wrong person is in the White House we are all doomed. Neither of these is true.

Our hope cannot be in a president, policy, or political party.

The gospel is what has the power to change hearts. While I believe it is a huge blessing to have godly government, it is the gospel of Jesus Christ that will change the hearts of men and women, and change the heart of this nation.

Remember, we are citizens of another kingdom, which is not of this world. Jesus taught us to pray “Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” More than the right person in office, we need to see the kingdom advance in our land.

2.) We must fulfill our role to pray for government leaders

It is amazing to read the New Testament and see the level of honor that Peter and Paul had for the governing authorities, especially considering how corrupt and evil the kings of their time were. We are commanded to pray for our government leaders, honor and respect them, and have an attitude of submission toward them. I think that the church as a whole has failed in these areas. Whether or not we agree with our president’s policies, there is a measure of honor due to him simply because he is the president.

What if every complaint about our president or his policies was turned into a prayer? We should be storming heaven with prayers for President Obama: that God would give him wisdom and protection, and ultimately that he would have an encounter with the Truth. There were many ungodly kings in the Bible that God spoke to, and there is no reason why God cannot speak to our president.

Let’s pray for our government leaders, whether at a city, state, or national level.

3.) We must influence the culture as salt and light

I believe that this election reveals that the church is losing influence in our country. It is the church that is to be the “light of the world” and the “salt of the earth.” It seems that the salt is losing its saltiness.

We are in desperate need of an awakening in our country. We cannot depend on a political party to fix our problems. We cannot wait until the next election and hope for a good candidate to become president. What this country needs the most is for the church to be the church.

Maybe if we will stop focusing on getting the “right” person in office and get real with God we can begin to see awakening in the church and across this country. Maybe if we would be the light instead of complaining about darkness we would see true change.

Am I disappointed with the election results? Yes. I was hoping to see new leadership in the White House.

But our task has not changed. I am part of a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and my mission is to see that kingdom advance in the earth!

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