Keys for Deliverance: Equipping School

“And He was preaching in their synagogues throughout all Galilee, and casting out demons” (Mark 1:39).

One of the most common things that Jesus did in His earthly ministry was to cast out demons. This is sometimes referred to today as “deliverance ministry.”

Even though Jesus has given the church authority to drive out evil spirits, much of the church avoids the whole subject out of ignorance or fear. As a result, many are not walking in the freedom that Christ purchased for them.

What exactly is deliverance ministry and how is it relevant to today’s church?

Keys for Deliverance Equipping School

On Saturday, January 11th I will be holding an equipping school in Lancaster, PA on the subject of deliverance from evil spirits. During this training I will:

-Lay a biblical foundation for deliverance ministry

-Talk about the characteristics of demons and how they operate

-List common “open doors” that give demons access to people’s lives

-Teach on how to discern the presence of evil spirits

-Discuss keys for walking in freedom

-Equip you to set others free from the influence of evil spirits

-Minister to those seeking deliverance


“Keys for Deliverance” is being hosted by Threshold Church. Registration is required, but payment can be made at the door. To register, email with your name and any other names of people who are registering with you.

The event is being held at 150 S. Prince Street, Lancaster, PA. (Click for map of event location)

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