Life-Changing Christian Classics

Yesterday, I wrote an article about three books that have affected my life and ministry in powerful ways. Christian books have had a big influence on my spiritual growth, and I highly recommend that you invest time in reading solid books.

Today, I want to mention a few classic Christian books that have had a dramatic impact on me. These are books that were written many years ago but contain timeless truths that penetrate the heart and have relevance for today. There are many I could mention, but these three are the ones that came to mind first:

Power Through Prayer

If you don’t have a prayer life you will after reading this book! Power Through Prayer by E.M. Bounds emphasizes the importance of prayer in the Christian life and especially in ministry. It is a short book, filled with conviction over the need for prayer in the church, and the great sin of prayerlessness. It also gives many examples of how God has used praying Christians in the past. Although written over a century ago, Power Through Prayer is a much needed message for today’s church.

The Pursuit of God

A.W. Tozer’s classic The Pursuit of God has impacted many people over the years since its publication in 1948. I first read this book in college, and have gone back to read through it again over the last few years. I love its theme: having a lifestyle of pursuing God Himself. This book will stir up a hunger in you for a deeper walk with God and it shows that intimacy with Him is the highest calling of the Christian.

Ever Increasing Faith

Ever Increasing Faith by Smith Wigglesworth was first published in 1924. It was originally a series of sermons that he preached. I came to read this book when I was first discovering the gifts of the Spirit, and how they are still active today. This book has amazing stories of God’s power to heal and is a big faith booster. It will stretch you to believe that God is still doing miracles and that we should expect them to be normal today, just like in the New Testament.

Of course there are many other classics I could name. I have benefited from the writing of Andrew Murray, especially his books Absolute Surrender and Humility. I loved John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. I have been blessed by the writing of Charles Spurgeon and the revival writings of Charles Finney.

I actually find that many of the Christian classics are far better than many of today’s books. They have meat. They have more substance and less fluff. Maybe that is what enables them to continue to pass through time and impact so many lives.

What do you think? Have you been impacted by any classic Christian books? How do the classics compare to today’s writing?

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