This week I will be giving updates on what is happening with me and the new season of ministry that has begun. As my family and I moved to Lancaster, PA we have seen God do amazing things in opening doors, and we believe that it is time to launch out more fully into the ministry He has called us to.

With that in mind, I want to share a little bit about the vision of Mantle of Restoration Ministries. This vision has been stirring in me for several years now, and in the past couple of years I have done some preaching and writing. But with our move to Pennsylvania it has become clear that we have entered into a season of fulfillment. We are now launching out into this ministry on a bigger scale.

Mantle of Restoration is a ministry of teaching, equipping, and healing. My desire is for this ministry to be a resource to local churches and the body of Christ at large.

The Name

Sometimes people ask what the name Mantle of Restoration Ministries means, so I thought it would be good to explain a little bit about that.

The word mantle refers to the authority, anointing, or calling that a person carries. One primary example of this in the Bible is Elijah’s mantle. Elijah wore a mantle—a garment that rested on his shoulders—and would sometimes use this mantle in performing miracles (see 2 Kings 2:8 for an example). When Elijah was taken to heaven, he passed on his mantle to his successor Elisha who ministered in a similar way. The mantle represented the anointing and power of God.

The word restoration refers to the return of something to a former, original, or normal condition. God is restoring the church to what He intended it to be, and is restoring things to the church that have been lost. I believe that my calling is to be a part of this restoration process, and this is where the name comes from.

The Mission

The mission of Mantle of Restoration Ministries is to awaken and equip the church for the restoration of the message of the kingdom of God, the ministry of Jesus, and the house of God.

1. The message of the kingdom – The message that Jesus and the early church preached was the gospel of the kingdom. This message is being restored to the church. The message of the kingdom is not only about bringing people to heaven, but about bringing heaven to people. We must see God’s kingdom—His rule and reign—established here on earth.

2. The ministry of Jesus – The four things that Jesus did on a regular basis were preaching, teaching, healing, and deliverance. We must restore the full ministry of Jesus by preaching and teaching by the power of the Spirit, healing the sick, and setting the captives free.

3. The house of God – God is in the process of restoring His house to what He intended it to be. It is time to expose and uproot the systems of man that have crept into the church, and build the church according to God’s pattern. It is His house; He gets to design it, He gets to build it, and He gets to dwell in it.

Facets of Ministry

In order to fulfill its mission, Mantle of Restoration Ministries has four primary facets of ministry:

1. Itinerant preaching – This includes local gatherings and conferences in the Lancaster area, as well as traveling as a guest speaker for churches, conferences, retreats, equipping schools, and other ministry events.

2. Kingdom resources – We are committed to providing resources that will help believers grow in Christ and be equipped for kingdom ministry. This includes books, articles, webinars, audio messages, and more.

3. Prayer counseling – Prayer counseling is for those who are seeking healing and/or deliverance and would like to meet in a private setting. I have seen God set people free in this type of setting many times.

4. Mentoring – God is restoring the “hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers” (Malachi 4:6). We are committed to building relationships with those who the Lord connects to us for the purpose of mentoring, equipping, and releasing into ministry. This aspect of the ministry will develop over time.

It is exciting to see this vision for ministry take shape and begin to unfold! Stay tuned for more updates this week, and ways that you can partner with what the Lord is doing.



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