Perseverance in Prayer

Yesterday I preached part 2 in the Prayer Principles series at River in the Hills Church. The message was called “Perseverance in Prayer.”

One of the important elements of an effective prayer life is perseverance; an attitude of not giving up. God calls us to persist in our requests to Him and be bold in coming before Him. Many people begin praying but eventually lose heart when they do not see the results that they want. Many believers have become disillusioned with prayer and have given up on it.

If we can understand some of the basic principles of prayer, it will help us to continue to persevere. The delay in our answers to prayer is not because God is reluctant to answer us or to intervene in our lives. There are many factors involved, but it is not a matter of the goodness of God or His willingness to answer our prayers!

Click the link below to go to my sermons page where you can listen to the message:

Perseverance in Prayer

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