Sermon: Empowering our Kids in the Kingdom

Last Fall I spoke at the annual HarvestNet International leadership summit. I had twenty minutes to share and my topic was “empowering our kids in the kingdom.” This theme has been on my heart recently, and is the focus of a kids ministry curriculum that I co-authored last year.

Jesus said, “Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me” (Matthew 18:5). If we want to receive the fullness of Jesus in our midst, we must receive the children. They must be valued and empowered as vital members of the kingdom of God.

Jesus also warned that we are not to “despise” the little ones (see Matthew 18:10). To despise means to look down upon, belittle, or treat as unimportant. We should not treat children as if they are adults, but neither should we think less of them and treat them as “just kids.” They are real people!

In this message, I gave some keys for how to receive and empower our kids in the kingdom of God. Click below to listen!

Empowering our Kids in the Kingdom




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  1. Antonella says:

    Great sermon Pastor Jake! Thanks for walking closely with the Lord and loving the kids of Threshold so well. We are so thankful for what God is doing through your family, Nikki AND the children of Threshold. It has affected each member of our family to walk more closely with God as well!

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