A few weeks ago I posted a sermon called “Restoring the Ministry of Healing.” God is restoring the power of the Holy Spirit to the church, and this includes healing the sick. Healing can be a sensitive and confusing subject for believers to grapple with, and some avoid the subject altogether.

In “Lessons from a Failed Attempt at Healing” I looked at an example in Matthew 17 where the disciples were unable to heal a boy. There are a lot of great truths we can glean from this story that help build a foundation for the ministry of healing. Once our minds are renewed about what the Bible actually teaches about sickness and healing, we can begin to see this ministry restored.

In this sermon I tackle the question of whether or not it is God’s will to heal, I look at how sickness is a work of the devil, and talk through different factors that come into play in releasing the healing power of God. Check it out below!

Lessons from a Failed Attempt at Healing

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  1. Jake,

    I played the audio a couple of times, and it gets cut off. Is there a fix?

    Thanks 🙂

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