I recently preached a message called “Restoring the Ministry of Healing.”

Healing was an essential part of the ministry of Jesus. Everywhere He went the sick were healed and the demonized were delivered. Jesus also passed on the healing ministry to His disciples, and to the whole church. The early church saw the same kind of healings that Jesus did in His ministry. But as time went on, the church lost this foundational ministry.

God is in the process of restoring things to the church, including the ministry of healing. Since Jesus is “the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8) we should expect His ministry of healing to be active in the church.

In this sermon, I outline some keys for seeing the healing ministry of Jesus restored to the church.

Restoring the Ministry of Healing

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One Response to “Sermon: Restoring the Ministry of Healing”

  1. Healing has been a gentle wooing in my heart since a little girl in the 50’s. I have longed to people healed and delivered. Myself included…but tho I asked and annointed…the healing never happened. It breaks my heart to see so many very sick and emotionally struggling. Knowing tho my heart knows G-d can but there is little stirring of these signs and wonders. I want to scream out “I am sorry” but for some reason it’s not the time…And I don’t
    know why. Where are we missing it? It’s like we don’t experience it manifest and our faith has not grown with confidence. Please help me understand why years have passed without this ministry from Christians. My heart aches.
    Thank you…Mrs. Rhonda Brooks. Phenix City AL


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