Stepping into a Season of Fulfillment

In my previous article I outlined what to expect in a season of preparation. This is the season that prepares us for greater fruitfulness. It is marked by pruning, testing, and waiting.

Now I want to focus on the season of fulfillment. This is the season where sowing turns into reaping; where words and promises from God are fulfilled; where you step more fully into your calling. There is a specific time—or season—for God to bring to pass the things He has planned for you.

Consider this verse that speaks of Joseph: “Until the time that his word came to pass, the word of the Lord tested him” (Psalm 105:19). This verse describes both the time of testing and the time of fulfillment. There was a specific time for his dream from God to come to be fulfilled, but until that time he was being tested and prepared.

Alignment and Convergence

The time of fulfillment is marked by alignment and convergence. This is a time where things line up and come together. There is an alignment of relationships, circumstances, and resources for the fulfillment of a calling. There is a supernatural convergence of various elements in order to bring to pass the vision God has given.

In the time of fulfillment, circumstances line up in such a way that your gifts can function. In the time of preparation your gifts are restricted and your influence is limited; but in the season of fulfillment the ceiling is lifted and you can function as God intends.

In the time of fulfillment you are no longer hidden. It is as if the gifts that have been there all along are suddenly “discovered” by others. This results in a multiplication of fruitfulness and an increase in influence.

Your Assignment and your Circumstances

In the time of preparation your circumstances are restrictive; in the time of fulfillment they are ideal. In the time of preparation your circumstances dictate your assignment; in the time of fulfillment your assignment dictates your circumstances.

Let me explain what I mean, again using Joseph as an example. Joseph had an ultimate calling and assignment from God to be a ruler and govern in a place of influence and authority. But in the time of preparation his assignment was limited to his circumstances. In Potiphar’s house his assignment was to be faithful as a slave and be a blessing to his master’s house. In prison his assignment was to serve well and release God’s wisdom to those around him.

But when the time of fulfillment came, his circumstances had to shift to make way for his ultimate assignment to be realized. He was brought before Pharaoh, interpreted his dreams, and was promoted to the highest position in the kingdom in one day.

In the time of preparation, your circumstances will not be ideal for the fulfillment of your calling. It will actually seem impossible for the call to be fulfilled. This is God’s design and part of the pruning and testing process.

But when the season of fulfillment comes, your circumstances will give way to your ultimate calling and assignment. They will come into alignment for the fulfillment of your calling. To those on the outside it will look like your promotion has come out of nowhere. But you and God know the process you have been through. The “suddenly” of God was preceded by the process of God.

What Season are you in?

I encourage you to ask God for wisdom into the seasons of your life and calling. Ask the Lord to show you what season you are in. Be patient in the time of preparation. Be aware of when the season of fulfillment has come so you can step into it with boldness and expectancy.

Above all else, follow the Good Shepherd and you will get to where you need to be!

Questions: What season are you in? Have you experienced circumstances that were not ideal for your gifts to function? Have you experienced a convergence that made way for your calling to come to fruition?


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  1. u re bles pastor,i think God is preparing mi 4 de nxt level

  2. Tonja Latham says:

    This is an awesome explanation! Thanks so much for sharing.


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