Upcoming Book Release: Can a Christian Have a Demon?

I am excited to announce that I will soon be releasing a new book titled Can a Christian Have a Demon? 

Whenever I teach on deliverance, this is the most frequent question I encounter. It is commonly believed in much of the church that a believer cannot have a demon. After all, how can an evil spirit dwell in the temple of the Holy Spirit? The very thought seems like an obvious impossibility. But is this belief really based on biblical truth?

The answer to whether or not a Christian can need deliverance from a demon is an important one, with far-reaching implications. We must not leave the answer to human logic, tradition, or mere assumption.

Many believers are not experiencing true freedom in their lives. Is it possible that some of the bondage, torment, and oppression that many Christians deal with has a demonic element? If so, the belief that a Christian cannot have a demon will severely limit their ability to gain freedom.

In this book, I will give biblical insights into some of the common misunderstandings about demons and the ministry of deliverance. I will also show that the belief that a believer cannot have a demon is not substantiated by Scripture. When this confusion is cleared, the way is paved for many to be set free by the power of God!

Update: Can a Christian Have a Demon? is now available for purchase. Click image below:





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