New Website for a New Season

Welcome to my new website! The last six months have proven to be an amazing time of transition as the Lord has been opening new doors and leading me to take the steps to start an official ministry. One of those steps is the creation of this new website. Here are some of the features of the new site:

-Although it still has a blog element, it looks more like a “regular” website than a blog.

-I transitioned the site from being primarily about my book, to being about the overall ministry.

-I added more information about the ministry with a “mission” and “guiding principles” page.

-The audio sermons in the resources section are now compatible with the iPad and other mobile devices.

-The ministry logo is on various pages.

-I added the ability to donate through PayPal.

I hope you will take time to navigate through the site and let me know what you think. My prayer is that this website/ministry will be a blessing to many who are hungering for the things of God!



2 Responses to “New Website for a New Season”

  1. Miryam Gonzalez says:

    May the Lord continue to open more doors for His ministry.

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