Last year on Father’s Day, I preached a message on the power of a father.

As Benjamin was being born to the patriarch Jacob, his dying mother attempted to give him the name Ben-Oni (meaning “Son of My Sorrow”). But Jacob insisted on calling him Benjamin (meaning “Son of my Right Hand”). As his father, Jacob established him in his identity, not allowing him to be marked with a negative name that was not consistent with his destiny (see Genesis 35:16-18).

In the same way, we can sometimes be labeled with hurtful or negative things because of past sins, traumatic experiences, or lies of the enemy. But God will use fathers in our lives to establish us in our true identity in Christ. There is power in a father’s love, a father’s blessing, a father’s voice, and a father’s discipline. God can use both natural fathers and spiritual fathers to impact us, help us move into our destiny, and reveal Himself to us in greater ways. And He can heal our hearts so that we can know Him and embrace Him as our heavenly Father.

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The Power of a Father



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