I recently finished a sermons series at Threshold Church called Let my Daughters Go! The messages focused on valuing and empowering women in the kingdom of God, and I believe that this is a big topic on the heart of God right now.

God’s design from the beginning of creation was male and female; both created in the image of God, both blessed by God, and both given dominion over the earth (see Genesis 1:26-28). The Fall of mankind brought about sin and the curse, and this also caused a breakdown between male and female.

Throughout history, women have been the object of much oppression. But Christ came to redeem us from the curse, restore us to God, and bring back the unity that was found in Eden. This applies to life, marriage, and roles in the church.

I have never received so many testimonies (from both men and women) of how the Lord used these messages to bring repentance and healing. I pray that the Holy Spirit will move through them as you listen!

Message 1: Let My Daughters Go!


Message 2: Husbands, Love Your Wives


Message 3: Empowering Women in the Church




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